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Welding is an art, a practice, a profession, a specialty in engineering and science.

It is an enabling technology used in a diverse variety of industries and technologies, from medical instruments, electronics and photonics micro-joining to larger-scale applications such as mining machinery, pressure vessels, vehicles, rail transport, water pipelines, and parts.

The technology of steel bonding is important to Australia’s economic development.

Who are we
The welding career in Australia is represented by WeldingServices. Private welding professionals and businesses of all sizes are made up of our members. Members of WeldingServices are engaged in almost every facet of the Australian industry and contribute significantly to the economy of the country.

Our key priority is to ensure that, both now and in the future, the Australian welding industry stays competitive locally and internationally.

WeldingServices, a non-profit, membership-based association, is committed to creating a strategic edge for our members through access to manufacturing, science education, credential, government, and the larger business environment.

The Mission
Our goal is to build jobs for our members and encourage the health of the Australian public through welding safety policies.

Vision for
To promote the creation of a world-class welding market.

WeldingServices puts together representatives of people and businesses into a group to deliver:

A forum for the exchanging of thoughts and resource sharing
A voice to support the welding community’s priorities and shape the welding services sector
Professional problem solving expert and a partnership between business and research organizations
A literacy and career growth process and the chance to benchmark against the best practice in the world
Welding Onshore
The recent move of sending steel infrastructure projects overseas is perceived by WeldingServices to be a major danger to the future of welding in Australia. The inflow of young apprentices, engineers and scientists into the trade will dry up without a base load of welding-reliant ventures and manufacturing enterprises will cease to exist. In turn, our strategically important electricity, water, mining, oil & gas, road, rail and defense infrastructure industries would have to focus on overseas expertise.

WeldingServices is committed to ensuring that all facets of Australia’s welding profession are globally competitive and that, relative to overseas competition, our industries are handled equally.

Strategy for Savings
Via its business operations, WeldingServices raises income and is then reinvested for the benefit of its members back into the welding culture.

The following services are provided by WeldingServices:

Seminar and Activities
Publications in Technical
Professional Assistance and Consulting Services
Administration of Programs
Skilled Creation
Qualifying and certifying
In fostering opportunities for women in the welding industry, WeldingServices has taken a positive stand. Join some of the leading female welding practitioners in Australia in a networking community focused on solving the particular challenges women in our profession face.